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$115.00 / month
$895.00 for 1 year
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$1,795.00 for 1 year
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SCRATCH VR offers an end-to-end VR toolset that contains – next to all the regular creative DI functions of SCRATCH – a series of VR specialized tools for things like seamless grading, 360 stabilizing and 2D to Equirectangular compositing.

Lowepost Online Training
SCRATCH comes with FREE access to the Lowepost SCRATCH Essential Series tutorial videos. Find the full course overview here.

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Monthly Subscription
Automatic recurring monthly payments are re-billed on the day of the month that the subscription was purchased. A subscription may be cancelled at any time (with a one week notice period) by sending an email to

VR Suite
The SCRATCH VR Suite is a 1 year license of SCRATCH VR with on top an Assimilate Dailies Online account (basic – 50Gb / 10 Web channels). With Dailies Online you can share, collaborate and review VR media in a secure way through your own Web channel.

After checkout, you will receive an email containing the appropriate SCRATCH license key, a link to download the installation software, how to contact support and if applicable the login details for your Dailies Online account.

Note that all rentals and subscriptions include support and free updates for the duration of the period. A permanent license includes 1 year of support and free software version updates.