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DIT Pack+

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This bundle consists of Hedge OffShoot, Assimilate SCRATCH and Assimilate Live Looks, for DITs who want to have complete control over the on-set image pipeline from live grading multiple camera signals, creating lightning fast backups of their media, to creating metadata rich dailies and reports. All tightly integrated for an ultra-streamlined workflow.

SCRATCH for Dailies
SCRATCH is the #1 tool for dailies transcoding, providing high speed rendering, support for frame-based metadata, pristine audio sync options and ProRes encoding on Windows. Also included are option to automatically match looks created in Live Looks onto the downloaded clips and advanced reporting functionality. SCRATCH comes with FREE access to the Lowepost SCRATCH Essential Series tutorial videos. Find the full course overview here.

Hedge OffShoot
The industry standard offload and backup tool. Offload media lightning fast, whether it’s video, stills or audio. Make your life easy and let OffShoot do the tedious jobs. As files get bigger and bigger, old copy-verify methods just aren’t cutting it. OffShoot’s Fast Lane engine is purposely built for speed. Create as many copies as you need, at the same time. OffShoot transfers multiple sources to all destinations, fully utilizing your bandwidth. Everything OffShoot does is verified, by design. Whether you’re doing a simple copy, need source verification, destination verification, legacy checksums: Checkpoint has your back. Through its direct integration with SCRATCH, OffShoot can automatically populate the SCRATCH dailies project with all the footage after the backup is finished. The operator can then QC, sync audio and export his dailies right away.

Live Looks
Live Looks provides an easy to setup environment for on-set video monitoring and live grading for any resolution from standard HD all the way up to 8K workflows. Packed with professional grading- and FX / green screen tools, it is straight forward to operate and offers a seamless connection into your dailies and post workflow in SCRATCH. Recent additions are support for routers from AJA and Blackmagic, as well as support for NDI capture and output.

Monthly Subscription
Automatic recurring monthly payments are re-billed on the day of the month that the subscription was purchased. A subscription may be cancelled at any time (with a one week notice period) by sending an email to licensing@assimilateinc.com.

After checkout, you will receive an email containing the appropriate DIT Pack+ license key, links to download the installation software and how to contact support. The installer for Live Looks and SCRATCH is the same – the license key determines which product gets unlocked.

Note that all rentals and subscriptions include support and free updates for the duration of the period. A permanent license includes 1 year of support and free software version updates.